Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)     


Question: Do you only edit research manuscripts?
Answer: We edit most forms of scientific, technical, and medical documents. This includes research manuscripts but also abstracts, brochures, statements, patents, dissertations, reports, books, book chapters, manuals, lectures, grant proposals, letters, poster and slide presentations, review articles, and responses to reviewers.

Question: What types of software file formats do you accept?
Answer: We handle most software file formats. This includes all of the Microsoft Office software formats, Word Perfect, all of the Adobe software formats, LaTeX, REVTeX, and Micrografx Designer.

Question: How long does the service take?
Answer: Our standard is 5 days for each major service that the customer orders; we usually complete our work sooner than 5 days.

Question: What are the qualifications of your team members?
Answer: All of our team members are native English-speaking scientists with doctorate degrees. They live in America or the United Kingdom. None of them are students. We have edited thousands of documents since we started our business in 2002.

Question: What about confidentiality?
Answer: We are serious about confidentiality. Your documents and your projects belong to you. We will never provide your documents, any information about your projects, nor any information about you to a third party. Two weeks after we edit a document, we delete the document from our files.